Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Perghhhh!!! Wanita ini minum Jus Nenas setiap hari selama 1 tahun, dan apa yang terjadi kepadanya selepas itu sungguh mengejutkan..

Pineapple, the spiny fruit with spiky edges on its leaves, that inevitably reminds us of a cactus, has more hidden talents than being just juicy and sweet.

It is a real powerhouse of nature, having copious amounts of vitamins and enzymes that can even alleviate inflammation and illness.

If you drink pineapple juice every day, you’ll be surprised how much good it does your body. Here are 10 facts about pineapple that you probably never knew.

Pineapple juice – how it is made:

Cut up a fresh pineapple and throw away the skin. Then cut the inner fruit into slices or pieces. Place the slices/pieces into a large carafe and fill it with water. Alternatively you can swap water for mineral water if you prefer it fizzy. In summer, of course, you can also add ice-cubes. You’ll be surprised how tasty such a healthy drink can be!

We are so often surprised by nature’s genius – we just need to learn to use it for our health.



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